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Find answers and general information quickly about tax credits and working with TaxCredible.

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Working With TaxCredible

How can I be certain I'm going to get the final product I need and there will be no complications after the fact?
We've been specializing in tax credits for over 20 years, and we provide a full package supporting our work in our final deliverable to both the client and CPA.
How much time is this going to take for my team to get you what you need?

We have a streamlined process with separate teams focused on each credit we deliver.  They can simplify the process and tell you exactly what documents are needed, then they handle all the calculations, paperwork, and approval (if applicable) from there.

How can I know for sure I'll be able to fully use/benefit from this credit?

After determining you qualify for a credit, we will have an initial conversation with your CPA to confirm
1) that you can use the credit to offset your taxes/benefit from the refund and
2) if an amendment is needed to capture the credit, they agree it's advantageous to proceed.

Employee Retention Credit

How do I qualify for the ERC?

Companies that experienced partial shutdowns due to government orders limiting commerce, travel, or group meetings; or that experienced significant declines in quarterly gross receipts (compared to their quarterly gross receipts in 2019) due to the pandemic are eligible employers under this program.

What is the turnaround time to receive the IRS check for the ERC?

Based on our experience, receiving a refund from the IRS takes approximately six to nine months.

Can I qualify for the ERC if I received a PPP loan?

It is possible for an employer who received a PPP loan to be eligible for ERC. Different wages must be used when applying for each program.

How do I claim the ERC and do I have to amend my tax returns?

Eligible companies report their ERC eligible wages and claim the related tax credits on an amended payroll tax return (Form 941-X).