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TaxCredible: Georgia Job Tax Credit

Keeping up with the ever-changing eligibility guidelines and filing requirements can be overwhelming. Leave the heavy lifting to our team of tax incentive experts. Take these time-consuming tasks off your plate:

  • Ensuring your client is matched with the credits and incentives that are most appropriate for their needs
  • Collecting necessary data and documentation and performing complex calculations
  • Create an audit-ready tax incentive package that clearly identifies each key component of the calculation and supporting documentation

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Job Tax Credit Opportunity

Job tax credits range from $750 to $3,500 per new job created for each year and are dependent on the geographical location of the new job. The tax credit is taken over a five year period beginning in the year that the minimum number of jobs is created. Unused jobs tax credits may be carried forward ten years.

Remember, for JTC, you can capture credit layers going back five years, but you can only amend your prior year's return to capture the credit. It's important to utilize this credit quickly when adding headcount.

Taxpayer creates 50 jobs in a tier 1 county offering a $3,500 credit; receives $875,000 in tax credits over 5 years [50 jobs x $3,500/job x 5 years = $875,000].

Georgia Job Tax Credit Eligibility Guidelines

The Job Tax Credit is available to a business or to its headquarters engaged in any of the following industries:

  • Manufacturing
  • Telecommunications
  • Warehousing and Distribution
  • Research & Development
  • Processing (data, information, software)
  • Tourism
  • Broadcasting
  • Services for the Elderly and Persons with Disabilities
  • Any business located in the Lower 40 Counties or a Military Zone

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2024 Job Tax Credit Tiers

2024 Georgia JTC map

The benefits and requirements for the Job Tax Credit depend on the county where the jobs are located. Each county in the state is ranked annually in one of four tiers:

  • Tier 1 is the least developed
  • Tier 2 is moderately developed
  • Tier 3 is developed
  • Tier 4 is the most developed & any business qualifies

Businesses creating jobs in the following special zones can receive increased credits (similar to those available under Tier 1):

  • Designated Less Developed Census Tracts (LDCT)
  • Opportunity Zones (OZ) - any business type or industry
  • Military Zones (MZ) - any business type or industry
Tier Job Tax Credit (For 5 years) Min. New Jobs Credit Allowance
1 $4,000 2 100% of tax liability - excess to withholding up to $3,500 per job
2 $3,000 10 100% of tax liability
3 $1,750 15 100% of tax liability
4 $1,250 25 100% of tax liability


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Client Success Stories

$275,000 secured for a commercial bakery
Landscaping group qualified for $122,000
Law firm received over $90,000

Identifying Job Tax Credit savings is easier than ever.

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