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TaxCredible: Federal and State Tax Credits


Harness the power of incentives.


Federal and State Tax Incentive Services for CPAs and Companies

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You want your clients to see you as the expert you are. To do this, you'll need to understand all the available opportunities for your clients to maximize their tax credit incentives, driving savings for their business.

We know how taxing (ahem) it can be to find the time to stay updated on the ever-changing tax credit opportunities. Since 2002, CPAs have trusted TaxCredible’s extensive expertise and industry experience to position themselves as forward-thinking experts dedicated to optimizing tax incentive savings for their clients.

How TaxCredible can help:

TaxCredible Services for CPAs


TaxCredible collaborates with you to assist your clients in discovering and optimizing incentives they are eligible for, all while saving you valuable time and resources.

TaxCredible Services for Business Owners

Business Owners

TaxCredible works with you and your CPA to ensure you optimize your tax credit opportunities and don't leave money on the table.

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Some Credits We Can Help With:

Georgia Retraining Tax Credit

The Georgia Retraining Tax Credit is available to any business that has operations in Georgia, upgrades software or technology, and pays Georgia income taxes. 

Georgia Job Tax Credit   

Companies that reduced their staff due to the impact of COVID-19 have the option to establish 2020 as the benchmark year for all upcoming job tax credit prospects to be compared against.

Georgia Investment Tax Credit

Investment tax credits help Georgia businesses grow by making expanding and improving facilities more affordable.

Georgia Port Activity Tax Credit

Georgia companies that increase imports or exports through a Georgia port by at least 10 percent can qualify for a bonus tax credit.

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Services to Help Your Clients Win

The availability of state and federal tax credits is immense, and in many cases, determining which tax credits your clients can utilize can be difficult. TaxCredible's in-depth, consultative approach and over 20 years of experience will ensure your clients maximize their credit opportunities. 

TaxCredible Services

The Simple Process:

TaxCredible helps you optimize your clients' tax savings by managing the entire life cycle of the tax incentive project, from discovery to delivery in three easy steps. 

TaxCredible Process: Discover


Identify state and federal tax incentive opportunities through a series of short but insightful questions.
TaxCredible Process: Connect


Your TaxCredible partner connects with clients to set expectations, gather data, and calculate the incentives.

TaxCredible Process: Deliver


We provide filing documents and support designed to pass an audit.

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Let TaxCredible handle the heavy lifting

  • Reduce research time

  • Increase your scope of services
  • Ensure client loyalty
  • Position you to remain a trusted advisor for your clients
  • Offer a complete suite of services to compete with larger and national firms
TaxCredible can help CPAs

Why we do what we do:

TaxCredible has been instrumental in securing tax credits for our company on more than one occasion.  They make it easy to identify where we might qualify and help every step of the way until filing.  We are grateful for TaxCredible and highly recommend them.

Mechanical Parts Supplier

I appreciate how professional and knowledgeable you are with tax credits. I always highly recommend only you and TaxCredible for tax credits.

McDonough, GA

You made tax credits fun...somehow!

Managed IT services

As a tax partner with clients in Georgia, I love bringing TaxCredible in to help my clients to maximize their GA credit opportunities.  TaxCredible has a team of responsive professionals that are able to break down the credit process for taxpayers and obtain the data needed with minimal disruption to everyday operations.  Their experience with the state application process for GA Retraining credits helps minimize the frustration for taxpayers and reduces the time for approval.  They are great with project management and have always met my clients' preferred deadline.  TaxCredible has been a great resource for maximizing my clients' benefits.

Atlanta, GA

Identifying tax credit savings is easier than ever.

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