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Audit Support & Defense Services


If you are concerned by the ERC claims of your clients or if the IRS has contacted your clients for review or audit of their ERC claim, we are here to help.


The IRS has enlisted and trained auditors to examine the Employee Retention Credit claims due to rampant fraud and excessively aggressive promotors. Many taxpayers are unknowingly exposed to IRS scrutiny based on positions taken by their ERC service provider. Baseless qualifications, spotty documentation, and lack of proper calculations will cost your clients on audit.

Be proactive in engaging your clients in honest and direct conversations about their ERC claims.

TaxCredible’s approach to the ERC nails down the qualification of an employer, determines the supported qualification period, and then properly calculates the eligible wages for the credit on an employee-by-employee, pay period-by-pay period basis. Everything is documented and supported as required by the IRS.

TaxCredible is here to help. Contact us to learn more about how we can help support you and your client in the event of an audit or to correct a faulty claim.


Identifying tax credit savings is easier than ever. 

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